2011 Denmark


Type of project: Active Parks Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: Kildebjerg Ry http://cebraarchitecture.dk/project/the-pulse-park/

Synthesis of the case study

The Pulse park consists of three activity zones connected to a very popular residential area and a business area in Kildebjerg Ry near Aarhus, in order to create a vivid and coherent neighbourhood that encourages active lifestyle and informal meetings across age, gender, social background and physical abilities. The Play Zone consists of a group of geometrical trees designed for playing and working out. The Pulse Zone is a literal bulge on the existing paths leading to a group of bowls which was created for running, biking and skating. The Zen Zone is placed on an artificial island in a small lake, which supports its meditative purpose and relaxing atmosphere.

Contact information

Owner: Kildebjerg Ry

Address: Skanderborgvej 89, 8680 Ry, Denmark

Email: info@kildebjerg-ry.dk