2018 Spain


Type of project: Active Parks Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: City council of Barcelona http://www.bcn.cat/trobatb/es/activate.html
  • Country Spain Different locations in Barcelona
  • Year 2018
  • Contact Info www.barcelona.cat

Synthesis of the case study

Activa't is a program carried out by the city council of Barcelona. It offers free outdoor physical activity sessions in different parks in Barcelona (Spain). The program aims to encourage people to be physically active while enjoying the green spaces of the city. It combines two types of activities, 30 minutes soft walk through the park with pre warm up exercises with both tai chi and chi kung, a series of gentle and harmonious movements that are combining breathing with mental concentration.

Contact information

Owner: City council of Barcelona

Address: Sant Jaume Square 1, 08002, Barcelona, Spain

Email: -