2010 Netherlands


Type of project: Open water facility Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: Amsterdam Municipality http://www.landezine.com/index.php/2011/04/park-schinkel-islands-by-buro-sant-en-co-landscape-architecture/

Synthesis of the case study

The Schinkel zone near Amsterdam is interpreted as an archipelago consisting of four different islands that house a large number of recreational facilities. The backbone of the design is a recreational and ecological connection between the Vondelpark and the Amsterdam Forest, using an old railway embankment. The various functions determine the nature of the islands, there is a tennis island, an island of boat houses, a soccer island, a park island and a nature island . By increasing the total area of water and using piers, platforms, bridges and reed beds, the presence of water is felt more directly. The area becomes an unique Water Park forming a new entrance for the city of Amsterdam.

Contact information

Owner: Amsterdam Municipality

Address: Ijsbaanpad, 1076 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Tel: Tel: +31 20 624 1111