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2017 Bulgaria

45 The Spot

Type of project: Active Parks, Public square Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: BG Be Active
  • Country Bulgaria
  • Year 2017
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Synthesis of the case study

The "The Spot" project from BG Be Active will actively enable 10 municipalities within Bulgaria to create a social space which is attractive to young people. Therefore bringing together opportunities for outdoor sports (certified street gym equipment), a place for social contacts and giving an opportunity for cultural scenery of both the formal and informal type. The project aims to help local organisations to create social spaces that will benefit their community for years to come. This includes improving the urban environment, and also; investing in new and different places that respond to the needs of local communities; building and maintaining partnerships between the municipality, the NGO sector and young people; capacity building for the involved groups (participation in training); actively involving young people within the idea of the realisation of "The Spot"; giving opportunities and the scope for people to express their talents, abilities and strengths; self-participation of citizens in the construction of the social space - with the aim of sustainability and responsibility for its preservation; positive media and public attention on the activities of the municipality and the NGO sector. The direct target groups of the project are civic organisations and young people who will be involved in the project.

Contact information

Owner: BG Be Active