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2014 United Kingdom

46 Big Birmingham Bikes

Type of project: Active Parks Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: Birmingham Wellbeing Service and British Cycling
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Year 2014
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Synthesis of the case study

We had led both rides, and learn to ride schemes, for both adults and children. However, we realised that what was missing was an element that linked, for example, level 1 and level 2 training for some cyclists who needed more time on a bike before undertaking the more advanced course. The end result is Ride Active, which is informal training where the drills and activities lead to training outcomes, which are not presented as such. For example, instead of being asked to signal an intended left or right turn, the rider may be asked to "high five" the instructor. This still involves taking a hand off the handlebars but is not presented as such. Other activities could include identifying an object displayed behind the rider, or riding between a sequence of cones.

Contact information

Owner: Birmingham Wellbeing Service and British Cycling