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2008 Spain

56 Activa't als Parcs

Type of project: Public square Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: Municipality of Barcelona
  • Country Spain
  • Year 2008
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Synthesis of the case study

The target group of participants is people over the age of 40, with a specific focus on those over 65 years old. The activities includes two sessions per week. In any sessions (1 hour duration) different activities like tai txi, txi kung, memory exercises, and general motor skills exercises are performed. The involved stakeholders are local sport organisations that usually collaborate with the Municipality in the promotion and development of physical activity programs. In March 2016, the Municipality launched a survey It shows a monthly participation of 1392 people. The age average was 67 years old (from 27-96 years old) and 87% of participants were women.

Contact information

Owner: Municipality of Barcelona