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1987 Spain

58 Urban parks: Urban beaches

Type of project: Active Parks, Open water facility Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: Municipality of Barcelona
  • Country Spain
  • Year 1987
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Synthesis of the case study

The main goal is to provide an alternative use of open spaces, especially during the summer. At the same time initiative comes from the need to redevelop different spaces within the city that were abandoned for a long time. The recuperation of these areas were extremely positively accepted by the neighborhood and became an attraction for the rest of the city, including tourists. Both pools are normally available from the end of June until the beginning of September. Fees are approved by the Municipality, and are affordable for all types of people. At the same time, groups of children are normally the main users of the pool as a part of their summer activities, generally led by other entities. The use of the pool includes changing rooms and the permanent assistance of lifeguards.

Contact information

Owner: Municipality of Barcelona