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2016 Spain

59 Walkim Barcelona 2017

Type of project: Active Parks, Public square Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: Walkim sport club
  • Country Spain
  • Year 2016
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Synthesis of the case study

The idea is based on the intention of the organisers to promote the practice of Nordic Walking. So, once a year they propose a large-scale event in the city of Barcelona. Nordic Walking is quite an inclusive activity, easy to perform and a very healthy for people. It doesn't need widescale, expensive infrastructure, just the streets themselves. For that reason, the Municipality of Barcelona considers the activity as a good option for promoting a healthy lifestyle. The organisers contacted one of the largest (in number of members) sport centre network within the city ( to help with the promotion of the event. The organisation of events helped to get people interested in finding a network of walkers to walk with, so "they┬┤ll never walk alone". The activity is based upon the idea of an organised walk. The walk has two categories depending on the distance of the walk (16 km or 8km). There is no competitive purpose, and during the event participants get advisory comments about how to improve their performance skills. The activity starts with a Master class taught by specialised instructors.

Contact information

Owner: Walkim sport club

Email: Phone: +34 93 330 26 24