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2010 Poland

61 Changing perception of public space

Type of project: Active Parks, Public square Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: Wroclawskie Centrum Rozwoju Spolecznego (WCRS)
  • Country Poland
  • Year 2010
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Synthesis of the case study

The good practice we have seen in the WCRS projects is a change in perception of the place where the activities take place. The Slodowa Island after several years of activities has become a meeting place not only young people but whole families. Family picnics, outdoor workshops and children's games are organized there. The Slodowa Island area has become a place for animated sport and recreational activities, both for the inhabitants of Wroclaw, as well as for tourists visiting the city. Participants can enjoy cultural, sporting and educational offer in the fresh air. Among activities at the Slodowa Island are such projects as: an outdoor cinema, family picnics within the Family Month and concerts of young, local bands on the open air stage. Pergola is now perceived differently as well. After completing the project "Fitness at Pergola" (exercises and fitness classes), it has become not only a place for walks and sightseeing, but also a space where you can move, do something for your health and keep yourself in a good shape. Parks have become a place where people can not only relax but also enjoy a wide-ranging culture (concerts, workshops, theatre improvisations) and sports activities - all free of charge and in the open air.

Contact information

Owner: Wroclawskie Centrum Rozwoju Spolecznego (WCRS)