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2012 Poland

62 Schedule of the Month of the family

Type of project: Public square Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: Wroclawskie Centrum Rozwoju Spolecznego (WCRS)
  • Country Poland
  • Year 2012
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Synthesis of the case study

We have identified the need for partners to be more involved in promotion of the Family Month. Thanks to the additional promotion of their year-round activities, they will be more willing to prepare exciting programs, workshops, games and other activities within the Family Month we organize. The Family Month timetable published in the form of a folder is the biggest promotion of partners and their activities. Every year, a harmonogramme of the Month of the Family is published (initially it was less than a dozen pages, nowadays it is being increasingly expanded), which contains information not only about what happens during the main family picnics, but also about what the family and its individual members will find for themselves with partners of the Family Month, who have their headquarters in different parts of Wroclaw. Only free or really cheap (symbolic fee) events are included in the schedule. Family discount coupons for partners' services are also included in the harmonogramme. The timetable is issued in both electronic and paper versions in about 5000 copies. The folder with the schedule is distributed throughout the city, during family picnics, in urban institutions and partner offices.

Contact information

Owner: Wroclawskie Centrum Rozwoju Spolecznego (WCRS)