Partner Example
2010 Poland

63 Cooperation with barter partners

Type of project: Active Parks Language: English, Spanish Download PDF Developed by: Wroclawskie Centrum Rozwoju Spolecznego (WCRS)
  • Country Poland
  • Year 2010
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Synthesis of the case study

Without sufficient funds to carry out some projects or to enrich the program with interesting activities we did not yet have within our offer, we decided to address potential partners and offer them the opportunity to cooperate in our activities. This method seems to be ideal for both parties. It allows us to share our hardware resources, knowledge, opportunities and experience, and to promote partner activities, receiving diversified feedback in return, which futher enrich our project. All groups, organisations and people are involved in the project for free - that means they are not being paid, but also that the participants do not pay for the opportunity to participate in various activities. With this model of cooperation – everybody is a winner: · The project is enriched with attractive workshops / meetings. · Participants (residents) can participate free of charge in a number of meetings. · People who help or support these events can promote their activities free of charge by: Rollups, flyers, information on the website, Facebook, etc.

Contact information

Owner: Wroclawskie Centrum Rozwoju Spolecznego (WCRS)