14. Danish architectural policy - Putting people first

Type of project: Guide Organization: Ministry of Culture Denmark https://english.kum.dk/services/publications/2014/danish-architectural-policy-putting-people-first/


The Danish government's Ministry of Culture is promoting a new architecture policy focusing on citizen involvement, environmental and social sustainability and the maintenance of buildings in rural districts. The architectural policy has been developed in close cooperation between a number of ministries and stakeholders in the last few years and was launched in 2014. The Danish Ministry for Culture shared: “Architecture is for the people. It sets the framework for our lives, and it affects us with its values and ideals. Therefore, we must create towns and sites where it is pleasant to live, where people can meet each other in stimulating surroundings and where the buildings are, at the same time, part of the solution to the challenges of growth, energy and migration.”

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Owner: Ministry of Culture Denmark

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